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Bastl Boards Hustle 2015 Basalt Feather Collection

Bastl Boards Hustle 2015 Basalt Feather Collection

Hersteller Bastl Boards

Artikel-Nr.: SW10028


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Produktinformationen "Bastl Boards Hustle 2015 Basalt Feather Collection"

It took a long time to realize the brainchild from TMR Janko Lehmann. Finally we can present you this Downhill/Freeride machine with the Freestyle attitude. Janko is not only an awesome shredder in every terrain, he is also the man who is crafting the boards here in our Headquarter the Shredderei. With the Hustle we fullfilled his high requirements: „I just wanted a board you can comute on, bomb hills or just go to the skatepark without any compromises.“

The 3D-Concave gives you alltime knowledge about your foot placement without looking down, what is pretty awesome for sliding and going fast downhill. Because of the deck construction the kicktail has an enormous Pop and makes it quite easy to do any kind of skate tricks.
Here's a little sum-up of what's inside:

- Triple V-Lam bamboo core for more POP
- Carbon stringers
- Volcanic, organic basalt on top and bottom
- Scratch resistant full graphic on top and bottom by Carlo Vivary

Technische Daten:
Länge: 102,5 cm - 40.4 inch
Breite: 24,5 cm - 9.6 inch
Längste Wheelbase: 65,0 cm - 25.6 inch
Kürzeste Wheelbase: 62,0 cm - 24.4 inch
Konkave: 1,0 cm - 0.4 inch
Wedged Rocker: 5 degrees
Wheelflares: Heavy
Flex: Steif
Gewicht:    2,4 kg    |   71.4 ounce





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